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Hubtype is an open-source alternative to LivePerson for companies that want to build referral-worthy customer experiences on messaging channels.

Hubtype is built for messaging apps

Hubtype is one of the few LivePerson alternatives that specializes in developing innovative customer experiences on messaging channels. We help brands do more on messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Instagram.

While LivePerson is a powerful contact center solution, and more messenger-orientated than traditional solutions like Genesys, Salesforce, or LiveEnagage, its automation features are limited. It offers a more general suite of online engagement tools like a helpdesk, live chat, voice analytics, and basic chatbots.

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More purposeful automation

Hubtype’s conversational platform uses a blend of technology and focuses heavily on interactive-graphic elements. It uses a combination of decision trees, graphic elements, and AI, which is referred to as a conversational application.

Conversational apps deliver better customer satisfaction scores on messaging channels than text-only experiences. Hubtype clients report an average goal completion rate of 95% for their automated experiences.

These graphic elements–such as date pickers, seat selectors, and payment portals–allow for more intuitive customer experiences. They also help you deploy use cases quickly and with ease.

LivePerson offers powerful AI with features like intent discovery. However, if the automation is only based on text-based AI, it can result in difficult experiences for customers. Open text responses are not always the most efficient way to get information. Also, the accuracy of the AI is entirely dependent on the quantity and rigor of a company’s data, not the tech itself.

Less ramp-up time

Hubtype’s use of interactive graphic elements means there is less need for AI in the first stages of a new chat experience. This also means that the time to scale successfully is significantly reduced; Hubtype can get clients’ messenger experiences up and running within four weeks

While LivePerson's AI suite is extremely well-regarded in the industry, there is a significant learning period for NLP/NLU systems. These systems also rely on large volumes of data to improve their accuracy, which means a text-only experience will require training for each new use case or query it has to handle.

More use cases across departments

The majority of customer communication will soon be on messaging channels. For that reason, businesses need a LivePerson alternative that can handle all company use cases across sales, customer service, and marketing departments.

More flexibility

Hubtype is a specialized tool and acts as the interface between messaging channels and companies. As such, Hubtype offers integrations with most AI, helpdesk, data platforms, and CRMs to allow clients to create the best tech stack possible.

LivePerson, on the other hand, does come with some restrictions; it requires customers to use its own data suite and helpdesk. LivePerson's helpdesk is regarded as one of the best in the industry. However, as a flexible solution, Hubtype integrates case handovers to LivePerson systems.

Your search for a LivePerson alternative ends here

Lastly, Hubtype is a specialized solution that integrates with the technology and tools companies already have in place. As a niche provider, Hubtype provides a white-glove service that can’t be matched. A few other final reasons to choose Hubtype as an alternative to LivePerson include our:

Customer experience focus

In-house conversational designers

Custom-built integration options

Open-source framework

Offical partnership with WhatsApp