The future of banking is conversational

Reduce tickets and decrease costs with powerful automation that goes beyond chatbots.

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Reimagine banking in the digital age

Deliver a banking experience that your customers will actively recommend to their friends and family.

Automate FAQs

Help customers check bank balances, find ATMs, check interest rates, and much more. Answer questions about credit and get customers the information they need.

Meet and track SLAs

Exceed performance standards with intelligent automation. Decrease first response times (FRTs) and escalate conversations to human agents if needed.

Account services

Automate questions about bonus points, recurring payments and transfer limits. Help customers securely update account information and reset passwords with ease.

Reminders and notifications

Give your customers peace of mind with reminders about payment and financial processes and notify about relevant news.

Urgent issues

Offer immediate help when it matters most. Send notifications about suspicious charges and help customers take action.

Spending analysis

Put your customers in control. Help them manage their financial life with important insights about their spending habits.

Success metrics

Achieve your KPIS

Customer service costs

On average, Hubtype clients reduce service cost per contact by 80%.

Time to resolution

Conversational banking resolves most queries in less than 2 minutes.

Customer Churn

Reduce frustrating IVR experiences that lead to customer churn.

Customer gain costs

Automated cross-selling results in a 7% increase in qualified leads.

Net promoter scores

Quick response times and personalized engagement drives customer satisfaction.

Customer loyalty

Personalized experiences forge a positive emotional connection with customers.

Organizational efficiency

Decrease calls to contact centers by 50% and free up human resources.


Conversational banking drives engagement by 3x higher.

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