Seamless experiences with conversational ecommerce

Offer the convenient, timely, and personalized service that your customers expect.

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Meet customers on the messaging channels they use every day

Easily manage incoming support tickets, even during your company's off-hours.

Automate FAQs

Automate FAQs related to shipping information, return policies, size guides, and much more. On average, ecommerce that use Hubtype automate 80% of their total inquiries.

Products customers will love

Easily up-sell and cross-sell products in a way that feels natural and helpful. Product recommendations increase average order value and increase customer satisfaction.

Recover abandoned carts

Encourage customers to complete the checkout process. Offer incentives to bring customers back to abandoned carts.

Send reminders and notifications

Send updates to customers about products that interest them. Update customers about items that are selling fast, or new products you think they'll like.

Help customers track orders

Set and manage customer expectations with order tracking notifications. Easily automate questions related to shipping and handling.

Create your own virtual assistant

Shopping with your brand can feel as personal as shopping with a friend. Integrate your CRM for meaningful assistance throughout the entire shopping experience.

Success metrics

Achieve your KPIS

Customer service costs

On average, Hubtype clients reduce service cost per contact by 80% .

Abandoned carts

Our clients reduce cart abandonment by 5% on average.

Seasonal hiring

Gain the flexibility and scalability you need to deal with seasonal peaks.

Customer acquisition costs

Conversational ecommerce costs less and drives more conversions. 40% of customers prefer Whatsapp.

Net promoter scores

Quick response times and personalized engagement increases customer satisfaction by 100%.

Customer lifetime value

Personalized experiences create high-value customers.

Average order value

Product recommendations increase spending by 75% on average.

Organizational profitability

Conversational ecommerce cuts down on 49% of support calls while increasing sales.

Ready to get the conversation going?

We've helped some of the world’s leading ecommerce companies meet their customers on messaging channels. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that ecommerce retailers face.

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